Binding problem ATK Freerider FR 14 2017/18

Front piece of ATK Freerider FR 14 2017/18 Stopper is breaking fast and not sufficient - changed after by ATK and is now again at the back piece. Further handling of front stopper is very insufficient and takes several attempts to fix it. Further stopper released during descent - quite dangerous as one ski blocks partially.

Hey, thanks for sharing. I can see that brakes releasing on descent are not funny…

Do you have any pictures before changing to heel brakes? Were you able to replicate the release of the brakes, or was that a single incident?

It seems that both the original ATK Freeraider 14 (2014?) and the updated version ATK Freeraider 14 2.0 (2016) had the brakes in the front.

With the latest model ATK Freeraider FR14 (2020) they changed to heel brakes. Would be interesting to understand the rational of ATK behind this change and whether this was due other users experiencing similar problems.

By the way: The ATK Raider R12 is built almost identical, so I’d assume the same problem affects the Raider, too.

You can see the black part which breaks additionally the silver stopper loose quite fast their black endings and get even shorter.