Binding problems G3 ION 12

Binding problem with G3 ION 12 Binding:

  • Back piece from a sudden released even with Z-index of 12 with lightest movement after 1.5 years

  • Front piece pin springs of front piece got after 1.5 years so weak that pins did not hold in shoe (different binding than the one with back piece problem)

Hey @denjung2, welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for posting on this issue.

Do you have any pictures, serial numbers or manufacturing year of the affected bindings?

There was a partial recall of G3 ION bindings back in 2017. Check on the recall table (scroll to 2017) or directly on the G3 website.

Do you have the chance to check if the screws are loose, similar as the ones mentioned in above recall?

Hey thanks - it was not about the screws the person brought the ski back to the shop and they handed in to G3 with response “no issue found” what was quite not the answer expected. we changed then to more robust models of other vendors as it was anyhow out of warrenty.