Quality issues SAC TL apparel

This thread has been created in order to collect defective SAC Tourenleiter apparel.

Once we gathered a number of defective items we will get in touch with the manufacturer and raise the issue.

Please post pictures of your broken items incl. a brief description of the defect.

Same for me:

  1. La sportiva Alpine Guide Gore-Tex Jacket Man Citrus / Cobalt Blue, inside of goretex jacket net broke after first usage. Main issue bad quality of goretex attachment to net (seam)

  2. La sportiva Alpine guide 2.0 GTX trousers
    goretex trousers broke between legs - two issues: bad quality of goretex attachment to other goretex layer (seam), bad fit of the trousers as they are not made to do wide steps so lot of tension on the seam

La sportiva Alpine guide 2.0 GTX trousers
New pant, zipper broke after opening/closing it only twice

I had the same two issues (ripped goretex on seam between legs), and broken zipper on pants. Multiple times. I had the pants returned 3-4 times, and at some point gave up and had my payment returned. The service provided by the reseller was excellent.

I have only had issues with the ski pants, not with other apparal (jacket, shirt, mountaineering pants).

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Another case of a Guide:

Same Problem with my GTX trousers
Gore-Tex Pant Man Cobalt Blue, Short, M
Artikel-Nr: D70613613S-M

Ripped the crotch

And the zipper has also started to fail.