Recall of avalanche transceiver Pieps DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice, DSP Sport

What we know so far
Pieps has issued a voluntary recall for its avalanche transceivers DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT. The same products are sold in US by Black Diamond. The recall is not about the device itself but about the system, in this case about the carrying system.

For any avalanche transceiver, it’s crucial that the device is set to send mode and stays in send mode throughout the tour. Normally, this is achieved via 3 layers

  1. Function check (group check) before every tour to ensure all devices are in send mode and to ensure all devices are working properly
  2. Button lock to ensure the device cannot switch off or switch to search mode accidentally
  3. Carrying case which mechanically ensures the button cannot switch to another position and ensures the device can only be inserted into the carrying case when in send mode

So far, Pieps lacked the 3rd safety layer, as they provided a neoprene carrying case only. Similar as other transceiver (for example Mammut Barryvox) they have now developed a hardcase which adds the 3rd layer and provides this extra safety.

Information on the Pieps website is extensive and the hardcase carrying system is provided for free to all owners of an old neoprene carrying system.

Affected product models

  • Pieps DSP Pro
  • Pieps DSP Pro Ice
  • Pieps DSP Sport

Manufactured/sold between 20213 and 2020 with a neoprene carrying system.

Published by manufacturer:
No date mentioned on recall website. The official video which explains the use of the hardcase was uploaded on 2021-03-03.

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