Recall of fall arrestor Climbing Technology EASY SPEED

What we know so far
Climbing Technology (CT) has issued a recall of its fall arrestor EASY SPEED (ascender/descender + fall damper). This product is part of CT’s professional line, targeted mainly for rope access works and working at height and not for regular climbing.

Reason for the recall is a potential delay in locking of the device. The delay seems to occur only, when grabbing the device by hand, which is forbidden according to the product manual. Nevertheless, CT has improved the product to avoid the delay in locking.

Older products of batch 0120 and 0220 are recalled in order to replace with the improved version.

Affected product models

  • Easy Speed (ref. no. 2F714), batches 0120 and 0220

Published by manufacturer: 2021-05-04

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