Safety warning for maillon rapide (screw link) from Péguet (used in many other products)

What we know so far
Péguet has issued a safety warning for its maillon rapide 8mm (model no. MRNZ08.0).

The information given by Péguet so far is very scarce. It seems that an isolated case with a cracked maillon rapide was detected, which was not detected by internal quality checks before shipping. No further information are given, other than that the concerned product came from batch A.19.04 and that products should be checked visually before use.

Important to consider: The screw link is not only sold standalone but also used/sold as part of many other products. Edelrid for example uses the screw link as part of quick draws or its braking resistor Edelrid Ohm. Edelrid has done a good job of compiling all the facts on their website (see link below). It also seems that Edelrid was the party who detected the cracked link in the first place as part of their incoming goods inspection.

It seems likely, that the same screw link is utilized in products of other manufactueres, too. However, no other official safety warnings have been issued so far.

Affected product models (original product)
Péguet Maillon Rapide 8mm Standard Zinc plated

Affected batch: A.19.04 (visible/pierced on the screw link)

Affected product models (using the affected screw links)

  • Edelrid Jim Steel Bent Set
  • Edelrid Jim Steel Wire Set
  • Edelrid Ohm
  • Edelrid Smart Belay
  • Edelrid Smart Belay
  • EdelridScrewlink 8mm (standalone)

Published by manufacturer: 2021-04-02

Links to manufacturer info

Safety warning_MRNZ080_EN_-_Peguet_Maillon_Rapide.pdf (2.8 MB)